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Baker of sweet things.
Creator of the original Geo Cookie Platter.


Who is Bikkie Smalls?

Hi, I'm Christy - owner & operator of Bikkie Smalls. I've been baking & decorating cakes & cookies for over 10 years and founded Bikkie Smalls in 2020. I'm based in Melbourne, and have operated as a registered home-based business specialising in custom cakes and cookies. Right now I'm taking a break from taking custom orders.

I'm the creator of the original Geometric Cookie Platter - my designs are produced by Custom Cookie Cutters. Custom Cookie Cutters (if you don't already know), are an incredible Australian business based in Adelaide. Their cutters are amazing quality, their service is fantastic and their shipping is fast - so it is super exciting to be able to collaborate with them for these unique cutters. I hope you love them as much as I do.

The Geometric Multi-Cutter range by Bikkie Smalls

The Geometric Multi-Cutter range are designed for sharing. Large in size, with multiple pieces that look great served as a platter, or can be gift boxed for a unique and fully-customizable cookie puzzle. 

Whatever the occasion, there will be a Geo Cutter to suit!

Check out my Cutter Tips for details on how I make and package my Geo Cookie sets.

Available to purchase from Custom Cookie Cutters

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